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What has been your best or worst public speaking experience?

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Whether you’re a public speaking pro or a sometimes nervous Nellie, most people at some point in their lives have had to address a crowd of people, big or small.

In the latest Asked and Answered podcast, Gerard Gregoire from Allstate details some dos and don’ts for giving a hard-hitting speech that resonates with an audience.

It’s important to know what you mean forward and back, much like you would with a pre-trial case, says Gregory. Also think about when you want to take a break, make eye contact, and consider how fast you speak.

But we all have ups and downs when speaking to an audience, and not all speech goes as planned.

This week we would like to ask you: What has been your best or worst public speaking experience? Was it in front of a large group of people or, perhaps, during a trial? How do you prepare to give a speech?

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Featured Response:

Posted by Jennifer Douglas on LinkedIn:

“I attended a post-conviction justice clinic in my third year. It was certainly a valuable experience. It taught me that because different people receive information in different ways, I should be prepared to adjust my communication style accordingly. I also learned the importance of managing expectations, mine and those of others. I have learned to recover from a painful disappointment. I’ve learned to always remember that it’s not all about me — no matter how disappointing a result is for a lawyer, it is worse for the client. I’ve learned that, as logical as I may think my arguments are, I should focus on the decision-maker’s way of thinking in presenting my arguments. I strengthened my ability to empathize with others without necessarily agreeing with their point of view or actions. Clinics are certainly an important part of attending law school.

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