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You might wonder what a public speaking coach is before asking what he does.

Contrary to popular belief, public speaking is not limited to wedding speeches and opening speeches. It’s not just something politicians do.

Imagine the following situations at work:

– You must update or brief your team regularly

– Your management team or board of directors has asked you to present your thoughts

– The company needs a verbal status report on a project you have worked on

– A major change initiative needs your leadership

– You are called upon to represent your company at a conference

– Part of your role involves selling and you need to pitch

– You must inform, influence or persuade a group of people

These are all examples of public speaking.

Outside of the workplace, it can be more ceremonial:

– Birthday speech, anniversary and congratulations

– Retirement or funeral speech

– Acknowledgments or graduation speeches

The list of public speaking opportunities is very long

This is where the role of a good public speaking coach is important.

Whatever the situation, it requires strong communication skills. All presenters need confidence and the ability to connect with an audience.

Whether you are presenting to two people or a group of two thousand people, public speaking is a skill.

You may have heard that this was a “soft skill”. There is nothing sweet about using the spoken word to influence, persuade, and direct other human beings.

The role of a public speaking coach revolves around a number of key areas

Here are a few :

– Understand the specific communication challenges, goals and aspirations of a presenter

– Identify their personal strengths in communication

– Correct bad habits and obstacles

– Develop a strong relationship and empathy with the customer

– Challenge, equip and empower customers with tools to improve

– Understand the client’s mindset, perspective and limiting beliefs

– Seeking possibilities and improvement opportunities for clients

– Create a safe, confidential and supportive learning environment

– Defend open and respectful honesty

– Respect and coaching for authenticity

– Create a fun and enjoyable learning experience

Common public speaking challenges

The role of a good public speaking coach is varied and stimulating.

Here are some of the common areas we help people with on a daily basis.

  1. Overcome fear and anxiety

Many people admit to being afraid of public speaking. In fact, public speaking anxiety is one of the most common phobias in the world today.

Here are some of the symptoms that many people experience:

– ‘Brain freeze’

– Palpitations

– Sweaty hands

– Dry mouth

– Vertigo

– Tremor

– Muscle tension

– Nausea

The list is really long.

A conscious public speaking coach can help you manage and overcome these symptoms.

They will focus on:

– The body language necessary to feel confident

– Show you how to find your real voice

– Coaching to create content that allows you to speak authentically

– Reframe your fear of public speaking

– Help you feel comfortable making eye contact

– Breathing, meditation and visualization techniques to build confidence

– Channel your nerves into positive energy

– Connect with yourself before connecting with your audience

– Relieve crippling symptoms of public speaking anxiety

A highly effective public speaking coach will give you the tools you need to manage and overcome the fear of public speaking.

  1. Present with confidence, clarity and impact

A public speaking coach will help you overcome anxiety. One-on-one coaching will help you speak with much more confidence, clarity and impact.

A conscious public speaking coach achieves this through:

– Help you watch and sound your best presentation in person or virtually

– Show you what your audience wants and really needs from you

– Give you the skills to develop a clear and content-rich presentation

– Build a compelling message that connects with your audience

– Coach you to speak with presence and authority

– Demonstrate how to present creatively and stand out from the crowd

– Help you connect with your audience emotionally and intellectually

– Show you how to influence, persuade and inspire any audience

  1. Stand out from the crowd

Anyone can learn to present with confidence, clarity and impact. A conscious public speaking coach doesn’t stop there. A highly effective coach will show you what it takes to stand out from the crowd.

They will do this by:

– Share storytelling techniques to connect with your audience

– Help you think creatively to challenge the status quo

– Show you how to present in a powerful way with visuals

– Coach you to engage and interact with your audience

– Reveal the key elements of a high impact presentation

– Coach you to use your voice in a way that engages and energizes your audience

– Give you lots of honest, helpful and constructive feedback

– Create a safe, open but stimulating learning environment

– Help you leave your ego at home and focus exclusively on your audience

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