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Balreddy Dommata, who has been in the public speaking field for over a decade, is passing these skills on to people through his “Vakta” ​​program. Having worked on people’s speaking skills from the beginning, he knows where and how to start training people. Is public speaking an art? Those who are in the habit of perfecting it believe it. The skill of public speaking and presenting is both an art and a science. It’s an art because to be effective you have to design and present your presentation extremely consciously and very creatively. Good communication must be carefully thought out and prepared to be structured and appreciated by the public.

The ability to connect emotionally and intellectually with an audience doesn’t happen by chance. We demand that these public speaking skills be presentable in society at every stage. How do we do it?

Balreddy Dommata, who for more than a decade has been imparting these skills to people through his “Vakta” ​​program. Having worked on people’s speaking skills from the beginning, Balreddy knows where and how to start training people. With the help of Kapil Group Chairman, Vaman Rao, he conducted the course for enthusiasts and turned them into not only good conversationalists, but also excellent speakers.

“Vakta” ​​written by him in novel form is an interesting story of two friends Chaitanya and Tapasya, both NRIs with varied interests. The journey of the two students, one from Telangana and the other from Andhra Pradesh is told in a simple yet captivating manner. The story is simple. She graphically details the two ordinary students’ growth into skilled speakers who later put her to good use as they climb the ladder of success.

Not a lackluster or lackluster front page, ‘Vakta’ makes for racy reading. But, it’s not just a short novel or a long story and inherent in the 178-page book is the lucid presentation of the Art of Speaking. Balreddy blends his experience to pass on these skills to readers through both heroes and friends. In doing so, he systematically constructs the case for “the Art of speaking”.

The writer teaches through the characters the importance of body language, voice modulation and language skills, which are the main requirements for a good speaker. As Chaitnya, the main character, explains ice-breaking skills to interactive methods to carefully guide the subject matter, readers – or shall we say the audience – effortlessly grasp the writer’s purpose. Many authors have tried to write about life skills, success, etc. in the past, but the narrative gets bogged down somewhere and is more like a lecture.

However, readers can easily identify with the characters because of the “woven life” around them, and the grounding comes through strongly. In no time, we learn the importance of speaking strategy and realize that it is not a Herculean task to become a good speaker. A very good effort by Balreddy to provide a great read!

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