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The university headquarters recently ranked UMSL No. 16 nationally on its list of the Top 100 Affordable Public Administration Programs. The website weighed factors such as retention and graduation rates, tuition fees, default rates, and graduate salaries when compiling its rankings. (Photo by August Jennewein)

The Public Policy Administration Program at the University of Missouri-St. Louis prepares students for careers in local government, to manage nonprofit organizations, or to work on public policy initiatives.

Like so many other UMSL programs, it has received high marks for quality and affordability.

Best Affordable Public Administration CollegesThe university headquarters recently ranked UMSL No.16 nationally on its list of Top 100 Best Affordable Public Administration Programs. The website weighed factors such as retention and graduation rates, tuition fees, default rates, and graduate salaries when compiling its rankings.

“We are an affordable degree in Missouri and nationwide, and we provide exposure and connections to a great network of city leaders, administrators, and nonprofit leaders in the St. Louis area.” , said Adriano udani, associate professor at Department of Political Science and the director of the public policy administration program. “We stress that in order to understand public policy, you need to understand how to administer those policies and really make decisions on behalf of the public. If you are a public administrator, you need to understand the public policy making process, how to assess policies and their impact on the public. Most programs force students to choose one path or the other, but we differentiate ourselves by helping students think about how these pieces fit together. “

The BSPPA Diploma is designed for students who wish to work in government or nonprofit organizations and who are passionate about making a positive impact on society. They will learn about public and nonprofit administration and policy making in the United States and develop skills for leading organizations.

Students can choose to focus on public administration, nonprofit management, or public policy.

The public administration area of ​​specialization explicitly focuses on the administrative and leadership concerns of government organizations and prepares students for work and management in the public sector.

The nonprofit area of ​​interest focuses on the concerns of organizations in the nonprofit sector, which is a growing area of ​​employment opportunities with careers in education, healthcare, social services. , civic leadership, veterans affairs and advocacy, among others.

In the area of ​​public policy, students work with an academic advisor to focus on a particular policy area for relevant jobs in the public, nonprofit, or private sector.

“What I think helps undergraduates is that they probably don’t know exactly what they want to do in the public sector,” Udani said. “I think it provides them with an exploratory phase, where they meet our alumni, who work in local government, work in non-profit organizations, and then also in community development or leadership. We are able to introduce them to this area of ​​work so that they are better informed as undergraduates.

“When they enter the workforce – when they are seniors or when they graduate from the program – they understand what skills are needed to do the job successfully and who they need to talk to and network with.

Students can also take advantage of BSPPA / MPPA 2 + 3 Program in Public Policy Administration to earn not only a bachelor’s degree but also a master’s degree from the Masters of Public Policy Administration program, which US News & World Report has ranked as the region’s # 1 graduate program in public affairs.

The MPPA will begin offering a regional and urban planning course this spring, taught by alumnus David Gipson, who began his career as a city planner in St. Charles, Missouri, and now serves as city manager in Clayton. , Missouri.

Also in the coming year, Walter denton, the administrator for the town of O’Fallon, Ill., will begin teaching a high performance management course.

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