Thursday, June 23 2022

The UK’s central government procurement agency is shaking the waters around market swimmers, hoping to get suppliers to provide a range of IT network services and kits with a tender from £ 5 billion.

The buying frenzy, which will officially begin when a framework agreement kicks off in fiscal 2023, involves a wide spread of hardware, software and services around computer networks. Included are categories such as networking, Internet and intranet software packages, network interfaces, network operating system software development services, and more.

Crown Commercial Service, the intergovernmental purchasing organization that sits on the Cabinet Office, has launched what is called an “advance notice” to start talking to suppliers before it forms the official competition to be sure. the framework: a group of subcontractors from which a large number of public sector organizations can purchase.

These can include central government departments, local authorities, health, police, fire and relief, education, and decentralized administrations.

Although the government cannot dictate the use of the framework, contract notice said, “This trade agreement is expected to be the recommended vehicle for all core network access and infrastructure needs, including all aspects of communications services.

Crown Commercial Service, which charges a 1% fee on all business handled through the executives it organizes, is hosting a pre-market engagement workshop in November with industry experts and suppliers interested in bidding on contracts. -resulting frames. The government purchasing body will decide on the structure of the competition and the distribution of the prizes after this date.

The new arrangement, called Network Services 3, is expected to replace – you guessed it – Network Services 2, which expires in August 2022, except this time around it will not include mobile voice and data services.

The government has budgeted for the resulting framework spending, which is expected to be £ 70m for 2023/2024, £ 200m for 2024/2025, £ 240m for 2025/2026 and £ 288m pounds sterling for 2026/2027. Readers may notice that this does not come close to the maximum value of £ 5 billion for the framework. Indeed, supply contracts signed during the term of the framework may extend beyond its term.

“The expenditure profile indicates the planned spending for the four-year duration of the framework agreement. Please note that spending will continue on calls once the framework agreement expires,” the procurement notice states.

Although the tender is for the whole of the UK, in Scotland public bodies are purchasing their own WAN services. The Scottish Government is relaunching the deal giving public bodies access to wide area network services under contracts of up to £ 350million.

Scheduled to start from March 2023, the new agreement will replace the existing supply agreement on the Scottish Wide Area Network (SWAN) which is supported by more than 90 public sector organizations across the country, according to a call notice by ‘offers published in August. ®

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