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In addition to improving personal communication skills, listening, planning, mentoring and team building skills are also enhanced.

“It also helps to be more persuasive and confident in presentations, speeches and thinking on your feet,” Allen said.

There are currently two Toastmasters groups on the base. The Original Toastmasters, or Tarmac Toastmasters, were established in 1999. Tarmac Toastmasters meetings are held in Zone B and meet on the first and third Wednesdays at 5 pm.

Twenty years later, the Wright Way Toastmasters were formed. This group meets in Zone A every first and third Tuesday at noon.

“All meetings are virtual at this time and conducted on Zoom only,” Allen said. “Meetings are held twice a month for an hour. Typically, attendees see benefits within months, depending on whether they use their online courses, projects, fill meeting roles, and give regular speeches. (These individuals) will reap the benefits faster than those who do not. “

Allen noted that attendees attend for different reasons. Some may need to give presentations at work, others want to improve and compete for promotions, or their goal is to give a great TED talk.

For many, it’s just the desire to become better at public speaking and answering impromptu questions, he added.

“Senior leaders have even attended to improve their public speaking skills with other senior leaders on and off the base, for commanders’ calls and town halls,” Allen said. “Regularly participating in table topics has helped them improve their impromptu toast, recognize team and individual accomplishments, and more easily answer questions without filler words such as uh, uh, but, like and so on. . “

Whether you’re looking to build on a personal desire to improve your public speaking, think on your feet with impromptu questions during table topics, or compete with other speakers from 145 countries to become the World Champion public speaking, Toastmasters is available to help you achieve your goals.

For more information about Toastmasters and how you can get involved, contact Keith Allen at

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