Thursday, May 26 2022

ONE of the most exciting start-ups to emerge in recent years has made £ 400million for its clients using true machine learning and intelligent AI to match SMEs with contracts they can to win.

The OPPORTUNI portal simplifies the public sector tendering process for businesses by using smart matching algorithms that help businesses identify the right contracts to bid on. It aims to redirect the £ 225 billion in government spending to small and medium-sized businesses, which in turn will help businesses grow and help local communities.

The Stockton-based company opened its first Delaware office this month in the United States and was the main sponsor of the largest U.S. tendering conference in Denver last month.

Co-founded by Tim Ward and Bill MacGregor and launched in March 2020, the tech startup has seen substantial growth and is on track to become the first billion dollar company in the Tees Valley.

The HLA Services team works with OPPORTUNI to develop its activity.

CEO Tim Ward said, “There are 150,000 competitive bidding opportunities globally. We have built a smart service that matches the business with the opportunities it can win.

“Our technology is replacing ‘research’ with machine learning so companies in all industries and sizes can match their business capabilities with government contracts.

“We study the personality of the company such as the product, the service, the location and the turnover of the company. In the first six months of 2021, we’ve helped companies achieve £ 400million in revenue. ”

What services does OPPORTUNI offer?

At present, less than 1.5% of UK businesses even have government contracts in mind and even fewer are bidding on them. The UK government has pledged to spend at least £ 1 in £ 3 with SMEs, which is why OPPORTUNI identified this opportunity and felt it was time for more people to take part in the act.

Tim explained, “We give small and medium-sized businesses a real ability to bid on government tenders and provide them with all the tools they need to compete and bid alongside much larger companies and win jobs. in the public sector. One of the hardest things for businesses to do is see contracts, so that’s where we come in.

“There are currently 3,500 tender portals in the UK and no company has the time to manually go through those thousands of tenders. We have the technological solution for these businesses. They call us on Tinder for tenders.

Global potential

There is a huge global drive to create more competition in their procurement processes, as around 20% of tenders have only one bidder in some countries.

OPPORTUNI’s services are now available in UK, US and Europe. Their goal is to bring more first-time bidders to the market in the next three years than in the previous three decades.

Auction Copywriters Market

OPPORTUNI can not only provide businesses with the software to sift through the thousands of offers and identify prospects, but will help them win public and private sector contracts and find them some of the world’s best offer writers. to work on their submission.

The company’s platform has already helped clients secure multi-million pound deals with boards, NHS trusts and government departments. He works with major brands including AECOM, SSE and Communicate Plc, as well as thousands of small businesses.

The accelerated success of the company also led to the creation of several new employment opportunities. There are exciting expansion plans to employ 45 new members by the end of the year, adding to the existing team of staff working across the world in UK, Malta, Amsterdam, in Canada and more.

Its technology has also been recognized nationally, with OPPORTUNI named the UK’s 42nd most innovative and disruptive start-up in the 2021 list of 100 start-ups.

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