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A sophomore student at Swansea University used the lockdown to transform her podcast business into a fully functioning one that helps young people build self-confidence.

Saadia Abubaker, 19, who studies psychology and sociology at Swansea University, developed Saadia Speaks from a podcast of the same name to provide motivation and confidence-building workshops for young people. Through a range of career events, roundtables and one-on-one consultations held in collaboration with organizations and charities including Women After Greatness, Mind and Digilearning, Saadia aims to inspire Wales’ younger generation to trace its own way.

In recent months, Saadia Speaks has seen the 19-year-old lead five workshops on behalf of charities and organizations, produce the “Youth Voices” podcast with the Rio Ferdinand Foundation as part of their United Against campaign. Racism, and organize open discussion events. in UK schools, inspiring future generations.

Born in Sudan before moving to Swansea in 2004, Saadia recognized that her childhood was full of opportunities and great experiences. But aware that this is not the case for many young people, Saadia launched Saadia Speaks with the sole mission of helping other young people to have more self-confidence.

Economy Minister Vaughan Gething said:

“Our ambition is to make Wales a more skilled and better paid economy, where more young people feel confident to plan for their future here.

“The key to this is to foster a culture that prioritizes entrepreneurship. This will help us retain our graduates and talent in Wales, with support for start-ups and strong links between universities and business.

“I am delighted to hear of Saadia’s success. She identified a clear opportunity to apply her academic knowledge, passion and experiences to inspire other young people.

“This is the kind of entrepreneurial spirit we want to foster through our ambitious new Youth Guarantee, and I’m delighted that Saadia was able to access the support she needed from Swansea University and The Big Ideas Wales to make his vision a reality. “

Saadia said:

“I often find myself chatting with people between the ages of 14 and 24 who are looking for that initial spark and the first inspirational steps to catapult them into the future of their dreams. By sharing my own experiences, the stories of other inspiring people, and offering foundational advice on leadership, creativity and confidence, I can help others take advantage of the opportunities I have had. It is important that young people build their own futures and not just wait for an opportunity to strike.

Saadia has also hosted open discussions on racial inequalities and mental health on behalf of charities who wish to facilitate wider awareness and discussions on key and embedded topics within the communities in which they operate.

Discussing the impact of starting a business during the lockdown, Saadia said:

“Saadia Speaks really prospered during the lockdown. Being online only and hosting virtual events helped market my business to different clients and communities and helped me research opportunities. It’s also so much easier to run a business virtually – I can be on campus and lead a workshop between classes.

After attending a Big Ideas Wales virtual business workshop in June, Saadia was contacted by Big Ideas Wales who informed her about Big Ideas Wales programs that can help her grow her business. Saadia was quickly associated with her Big Ideas Wales business advisor, Natalie Duckett, who encouraged Saadia to monetize her business and expand her relationships. With the support of Big Ideas Wales and its business advisor, Saadia transformed Saadia Speaks from a voluntary organization into a monetized business, marked this month by Saadia’s first paid event.

She continued:

“Big Ideas Wales’ streamlined business advice and encouragement has been essential in helping Saadia Speaks become the company it is today. I’ve been given tips on how to run a business, insurance, website building, tone of voice and more – all of these I know are critical to a successful business. and an online presence.

In the coming months, Saadia hopes to use the support of Big Ideas Wales to organize a large-scale conference to connect everyone she’s engaged with so far in one place.

Natalie Duckett, Business Advisor at Big Ideas Wales, said:

“Saadia is the perfect example of how you can use what’s at hand, after taking your own experiences and awareness and turning it into a public speaking business. Saadia came to us with a passion to inspire and guide others, but did not hesitate to receive the support and guidance she needed to build Saadia Speaks. Saadia has a unique ability to understand the concerns and needs of others and is the perfect person to use this gift and help others achieve their dreams.

Kelly Jordan, Head of Business at Swansea University, said:

“It’s great to see students like Saadia

Saadia Speaks is a true representation of her hard work and determination.

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