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Dear Lloyd,

I saw you inventing terms and registering brands and names. I wonder how you come up with such ideas and the process it takes before you can come up with these intellectual properties.



Inventing a term, conceptualizing a verbal or figurative mark, designing it – it’s not really an easy process. What makes it a little easier is when you enjoy the somewhat painful journey until you find a remarkable one; indeed, one that you can always be proud of because one is part of you and two is yours.

I can’t stress the “it’s up to you” part enough because the cardinal rule is that if you don’t own the brand, it doesn’t belong to you. Therefore, once you’ve created a term, word, or brand name, head over to the Philippine Intellectual Property (IPO) website ( and register it!

A few days ago, I registered a trademark called “Speechology”. When everything goes as planned, the trademark registration will be returned to me in two months. Here is how it all happened.

In February 2021, I created the Public Speaking Institute. Since then, I would have a monthly Certified Speaker Certification (CPS) program. By the way, CPS is also a registered trademark. At present, we now have 124 alumni of the institute.

I thought about some of the subjects we take at school: biology, sociology and geology among many others. Many of them end with -logy. I did some further research on this and tried to apply what I discovered to the word I was experimenting with.

Public speaking and public speaking do not happen on their own. There is a process, a science, an art before you can invent it. However, for a very long time we just say something like “I want to study public speaking.”

What, then, do you call the study of public speaking and speeches? There ! Discoursology.

What is speech therapy? Speech therapy is the study of public speaking and speech (Luna, 2021). It is a branch of knowledge, taught and studied under the certification program of the Public Speaking Institute. This discipline involves the conceptualization, writing, organization and presentation of speeches in front of an audience.

I invented and deposited the terminology in the Philippines as part of my role as founder of the Public Speaking Institute, an educational center responsible for delivering CPS certification to its graduates.

The soft and short definition of speech therapy makes it easy to remember. Also, that is basically what it is – the study of how public speaking occurs, how a written speech is formed, and how an oral speech is delivered to a speaker. public.

Within Speech-Language Pathology as a Topic is my Public Speaking Framework, which contains character, content, and skills as the main topics. The discussions under each are the sub-topics under the floor.

It is not enough to think of a term, a name or a brand. While the term, name, or brand is already intellectual property in itself, you need to think about the other values ​​it represents and the potential use of the name and its value to a particular crowd or market.

When it comes to branding, experts will tell you that a brand name isn’t just one thing. That’s all.

I cannot agree enough! Unnamed, what do you have left? Well, you can pretend you still have the system, the people, or the concepts. But what do these things represent? What does it mean for them to be yours? Can you move forward without an identity that you can call your own?

The answer is as clear as daylight.

As the owner of brands like Stepback, TNC The New Channel, Public Speaking Institute, and New Skills Institute, I’ve learned a lot about ideas and concepts. One of them is that no one can really protect your ideas better than you, because once someone saves it before you, it will probably be too late for you.

Speech therapy, as the terminology I use to define the study of public speaking and speech, goes through a rigorous review process by the OPN examiners. The sweetest part after all of these processes are complete is when you finally receive your trademark registration certificate.

PS The Public Speaking Institute is running a monthly public speaking training course for 2021 as part of the Certified Public Speaker (CPS) certification program. If you want to improve your communication skills, go to www.public We will be happy to help you.

Sgt. Lloyd A. Luna, PAFR, is the first registered speech professional in the Philippines. He is a motivational speaker on leadership and best-selling author of Stepback: The Lost Art of Filipino Leadership. He is President and CEO of Stepback, a leadership and cultural development company that helps leaders and organizations see the big picture in life and at work. Visit his website or email him at [email protected]

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