Thursday, June 23 2022

Austin-based software provider solar winds bought an information technology monitoring and analysis service provider Monalytic, an acquisition that comes after more than 10 years of partnership between the two companies.

SolarWinds said Wednesday it aims to support protected and modernized IT environments for federal clients at any time and adds 16 professionals through the agreement.

“Supporting our Federal customers for over a decade, Monalytic has proven its ability to operate in the most secure environments,” said Sudhakar Ramakrishna, President and CEO of SolarWinds.

Monalytic’s consulting staff are designated SolarWinds Certified Professionals with a history of providing training and software proficiency to SolarWinds public sector customers. As an official SolarWinds company, this means Monalytic can help customers operate the company’s systems to their full potential.

Greg Fetteroff, chairman of Monalytic, said all of the company’s current missions and operations will continue, with increased resources and at a higher level. He plans to continue serving SolarWinds partners, now with more streamlined communication between the two companies.

Going forward, Monalytic will still operate as a separate operation. But the acquisition nonetheless aims to create a streamlined procurement process for using the partners’ combined services.

SolarWinds seeks to improve the customer experience for agencies that want to better protect systems. Earlier this month, the company conducted a survey of 400 IT professionals which revealed that the biggest security threat was the general hacking community.

Malware, ransomware and phishing, as well as foreign governments, are also of concern in the survey results. A SolarWinds representative noted that the concern stems from the fact that while hacking has increased, there is no increase in the inability to detect incursions.

The combined SolarWinds and Monalytics teams hope to provide fortification in crisis situations and daily operations.

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