Thursday, June 23 2022

Slovenian Government Minister of Public Administration Boštjan Koritnik and Montenegrin Minister of Public Administration, Digitization and Media Tamara Srzentić held a bilateral meeting on Wednesday to discuss public administration reform, digital transformation, the development of e-government services and local autonomy. .

Minister Koritnik presented to his Montenegrin counterpart the introduction of an electronic identity card in Slovenia, which will be accessible to citizens at the beginning of next year.
“An electronic identity card with biometric data is a big step towards modern, secure and reliable digital services. We want electronic identity to become the norm in the region, so we are cooperating in the development of these services and helping the countries of the Western Balkans with our experience ”, underlined the Minister.

Koritnik also presented the Montenegrin guests with the project to create the “Digital Twin” of Slovenia, which will present a digital image of real events in the Republic of Slovenia. The basic goal is to use advanced technologies in one place to enable rapid and comprehensive monitoring and interpretation of current events, anomaly detection, trend forecasting and reporting with visualizations for taking stock. decision in real time.

The interlocutors agreed that the Covid-19 virus pandemic has shown the need for a digital transformation of the public sector, and at the same time underlined the confidence of citizens in new digital solutions as a key condition for the success of the solutions. Therefore, they called for closer cooperation in this area, which will further enhance the joint activities of the two countries so far.

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