Thursday, June 23 2022

Welts is the first and to date the only top male sports executive to publicly acknowledge that he is gayGETTY IMAGES

ICM Partners has signed the former team and league manager NBA and Basketball HOFer RICK BANDS “For public speaking work,” according to Liz Mullen of SPORTS BUSINESS JOURNAL. ICM Speakers Managing Dir BILLY HALLOCK “Lead the team” representing Welts. Welts said: “One thing that I have loved all my life is speaking in public.” He also said he logged into ICM “due to another possible future project.” Welts: “I had spoken to the ICM about the possibility of writing a book, which is always a potential project, but that led me to their speakers being part of the ICM. Welts’ personal story “is unique” as he is not only the first, but “remains the only top male sports executive to publicly acknowledge that he is gay,” doing so in a NY Times article in ’11. By signing with the ICM, Welts “will be able to share its experiences with companies, professional organizations, colleges and universities and other groups”. CAA “has signed a definitive agreement” to acquire ICM Partners, pending regulatory approvals. When this deal is finalized, Welts “is expected to become a customer” of CAA, which “has a large speaker division” (SPORTS BUSINESS JOURNAL, number 29/11).

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