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QPR has developed a Process Mining database for public administration

QPR Software has developed a Process Mining Database, which can enable public administration organizations to easily use Process Mining solutions to streamline their own operations. QPR will showcase the Process Mining Data Bank, based on its own QPR ProcessAnalyzer software, at the Valtio Expo event today, May 10.

Process Mining allows organizations to develop their processes, and therefore the functionality, efficiency and reliability of their services. Public administration activities are mainly focused on providing various services to citizens. Organizations such as municipalities and government agencies are under constant financial pressure, so taking advantage of digitization and automation will allow them to deliver these services more efficiently and with higher quality. With the help of process mining technology, organizations can measure and improve the efficiency, quality and level of automation of their processes.

QPR has a long history of providing SaaS services, as well as working in partnership with municipalities and the state to provide expert solutions and services. In Finland, the goal of public administration is to be a pioneer in digitalization, but decision-making in large-scale IT projects can take a long time. This is why QPR chose to focus on customer needs, while developing The Process Mining Bank – a cloud-based service, and created an easy-to-implement system that does not require large investments. The deployment threshold is therefore very low, and the progress of the projects is rapid. Simultaneously, the system enables different players in a common development environment to work together and share best practices.

“QPR has a long history of cooperating with customers in the Finnish public administration sector. We understand the industry’s ever-increasing demands for streamlining operations and service production. Process mining as a technology offers a new dimension to the development of operations and services, enabling the use of data, among other things, in the development and optimization of processes,” concludes Jussi Vasama, CEO of QPR Software.

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QPR has developed a Process Mining database for public administration

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