Friday, May 20 2022

The Minister of Education mentioned the expansion of the OAC point structure at a conference today.

Students could earn CAO points for things like work experience, teamwork, and communication skills.

The Minister of Education says it could be part of a higher cycle reform project.

Likes of project work and other practical work could contribute to final grades feeding into CAD points.

The Irish Times reported that Minister Norma Foley addressed the issue at a conference in Killarney.

She said policymakers are keen to ensure a wider range of skills are “measured in different ways”.

The proposed move was welcomed by the Irish Second Level Students Union.

Vice President Adam Lambe says there is a need to recognize soft skills.

“We’ve been calling for this model of continuous assessment for some time,” he said.

“We have seen during the pandemic the need for continuous evaluation.”

“The transition year should not be an academic or exam year.”

“He should stay a year to experiment and expand your palette.”

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