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In the news this week

Purchase of PPE at the start of the pandemic
Information on the government’s procurement exercise to secure essential personal protective equipment (PPE) during the first months of the COVID-19 pandemic.

New plans to strengthen cybersecurity of UK digital supply chains
To protect the country’s digital supply chains, new measures have been released to help strengthen the security of companies’ IT services.
These measures include:
◆ IT service providers may be required to follow new cybersecurity rules, such as those of the Cyber ​​Assessment Framework (CAF)
◆ New procurement rules to ensure that the public sector purchases services from companies with good cybersecurity

Why National Highways’ A46 road project stands out on a green mile en route to a net zero carbon footprint
Contractors have gone the extra mile when resurfacing a two-lane road on the national road network – recycling more than half of the materials from the old road into the new one and reducing the carbon footprint by 23 %.
Offering such actions can really make your bids stand out, helping contracting authorities meet their social value obligations.

£ 360million investment to transform rail ticketing across the country
Pay-as-you-go contactless ticketing will be rolled out to suburban networks in the Midlands and North over the next 3 years.

Increased funding to develop a roadmap for electric vehicle charging infrastructure for rural UK
A grant of £ 335,000 has been awarded under Innovate UK’s Rural Electric Mobility Enabler work program, to a project that aims to map and understand seasonal car flows in and around Devon. This information will be used with data from the national grid to plan where public EV charging points would be most beneficial. The research and testing period will end in March 2022, when the findings will be reported and recommendations shared with other rural councils across the UK.

The eastern section of HS2 to Leeds will be discontinued
The HS2 road to Leeds has been removed in favor of a Birmingham-East Midlands Parkway line. High-speed trains will still reach Yorkshire, but will use the existing slower tracks to complete the journey. This news accompanies the publication of the Integrated Rail Plan (IRP) 2021, and includes the following updates:
HS2 will go directly to Sheffield
◆ A high speed line will be built between Birmingham and the East Midlands
◆ The Midland Main Line and the Trans-Pennine Main Line will be electrified
◆ Bradford will not be included on the improved route between Leeds and Manchester

UK enshrines telecommunications law – the anti-Huawei bill – into law
Under UK Telecommunications Act, the government has new powers to exclude high-risk telecommunications providers – such as Huawei – from the UKcommunication networks. The new laws define the legal obligations of carriers, while also allowing the government to designate providers as high risk, meaning they can decide how and if their equipment can be used on networks. Breaking these new rules could subject operators to penalties of up to 10% of their turnover, or £ 100,000 per day for continued violations.

Housing named top local infrastructure priority for head of higher counciluh
51 senior local officials were asked to identify five necessary infrastructure priorities within their communities, and 69% of them named either residential housing, affordable housing or social housing.

Powering Royal Navy ships with electric hybrid engines
DASA is exploring solutions for innovations in hybrid powertrain technologies that could power Royal Navy ships and reduce carbon emissions.

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