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Dear Lloyd,

As a leader, I would like to be a better communicator. I understand how important it is to talk to my people, but I can’t seem to find some sort of formula for this.



Every now and then a new record is broken which means a new record is set. Golden States Warriors star Steph Curry broke the record for most three runs scored – 2,974 on Wednesday. We agree how difficult it is to get there. So your goal is to become a better communicator.

On December 4, 2021, we also set a record. We hosted the very first Public Speaking Summit in the Philippines. We made history by bringing together our own Certified Speakers (CPS®) at Girasol Tagaytay in Alfonso, Cavite.

When we created the Public Speaking Institute in February, we weren’t so optimistic about the return. In fact, I personally doubted it would work for a good reason – public speaking training requires a physical location.

We did not have a physical location. Even if we have one, the pandemic will not allow us to come together for this purpose. The only option we had was to use a video calling app, and that’s it.

Well, before we say thank you and goodbye to 2021, we’ve produced a total of 160 CPS®. It turned out that people these days now have the time and resources to enroll in such a certification program. It doesn’t matter if public speaking training is done online. What is more important to them is that they now have the time to learn.

It did not occur to me that what may have been presented as an unlikely business will turn out to be a new business model that I will take inspiration from. As a leader myself, I have learned so much while running this certification program for eight months, not the least of which is to take a chance on an idea or regret it when. we see someone succeed in doing it. .

At a minimum, leaders must be able to communicate their thoughts and ideas. If not, what is there to follow? And even if they follow, how sure are you to get the desired result if your message was not communicated correctly? Plus, even the world’s best communicators aren’t perfect at what they do. Every now and then they make mistakes. But because they’re the best in the business, they can make corrections in the blink of an eye.

Your dilemma of being unable to communicate cannot be resolved instantly. The reason is that public speaking or communication in general is an art. There needs to be a consistent practice based on proven principles of public speaking. Once you understand what it takes to be a better communicator, you are more likely to be successful.

Wars and battles are not won by strength and technical skills alone. Some of them are won thanks to clear instructions and a well communicated strategy from the leader to the people. Without the ability to express your thoughts, feelings, and ideas to your people, the connection is not made. When there is no connection, you are doomed to fail as a team.

There is no cookie cutter formula for effective public speaking because it is more of an art than a science. And because it’s first and foremost an art, you just need to understand the basics of public speaking, and then “draw your masterpiece” from there.

One principle that I teach is: “To speak is not to speak in public. If you are that type of leader who just ‘talks’ you might want to rethink your approach. Obviously, just “talking” doesn’t take much art. Anyone can speak, but not everyone can speak. As leaders, we don’t just say words. We pronounce words using an art form all our own. We say words that get people moving.

Forget the public speaking formula. Appreciate the guides and some models, but let yourself be immersed in a journey where your public speaking experience becomes the formula you seek to learn.

Congratulations to all of our certified speakers around the world. Thanks to Lara Dian and Floribel Ravis for organizing this Public Speaking Summit. The year 2022 will be much, much better than this year.

PS The Public Speaking Institute is running a monthly public speaking training course for 2022 as part of the Certified Public Speaker (CPS®) certification program. If you would like to improve your communication skills, please visit www.public We will be happy to help you.

Sgt. Lloyd A. Luna, PAFR, is the first registered speech professional in the Philippines. He is an international speaker, author, master of communication and the founder of the Luna® group. Visit his website or email him at [email protected]

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