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Geospatial Intelligence Platform Continues to Innovate New Solutions for the Defense and Intelligence Communities

PALO ALTO, Calif., May 24, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Orbital Insighta leader in location intelligence, today announced that it has joined the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner Network’s Public Sector Partner Program (PSP), which recognizes APN Partners with solutions based on the cloud and experience in government, space, education, and non-profit organizations around the world.

Orbital Insight’s flagship GO platform is purpose-built for the intelligence community to deliver intelligence in a secure and easily deployable environment. GO combines information from various sensors, including satellite, aerial, AIS and IoT devices, to analyze large-scale economic, societal and environmental trends. The technology supports critical activity-based intelligence by helping to spot trends buried in billions of data points, such as patterns in the world’s ports, airports and buildings. The platform is also an invaluable tool for commercial sectors like financial services and real estate to understand changing trends.

Orbital Insight CEO Kevin O’Brien will speak at the next AWS Summit washington d.c. on May 24, 2022on how the company’s advanced geospatial intelligence supports analysts and operators, expedites humanitarian assistance, and enables military analysts to make decisions in challenging missions.

“National security depends on innovation with trusted technology partners, and running on AWS helps us deliver on that promise,” said Kevin O’Brien, CEO of Orbital Insight. “Our complex computer vision algorithms and huge multi-source datasets require massive computing power to deliver granular analysis at a scale that humans cannot do alone. AWS infrastructure and services enable our platform to easily adapt its data storage and computing, resulting in the provision of a stable service and an increasingly valuable platform for our customers.”

In recent months, Orbital Insight has innovated its solutions for the public sector with new partnerships. The company received a Ministry of Defense contract to detect global navigation satellite system spoofing operations around the world, as well as a National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency contract provide a computer vision model that uses synthetic data to identify new classes of objects. Orbital Insight has also launched a new class of multiclass object detection algorithms to help the intelligence community monitor and differentiate activity in thousands of areas of interest. Like all Orbital Insight products, these algorithms are developed within an ethical framework that shapes the company’s work and values ​​privacy.

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Orbital Insight is the geospatial software and analytics company that helps organizations understand what’s happening on and about Earth. Clients such as Unilever, Airbus, RBC Capital Markets, World Bank and US Department of Defense use Orbital Insight’s self-service analytics platform to make smarter trading decisions, build sustainable supplies and improve national security. For more information, visit

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