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OECD Report on Public Communication: The Global Context and the Way Forward | en | OECD

The global context and the way forward

The first OECD report on Public Communication: The Global Context and the Way Forward examines the public communication structures, mandates and practices of centers of government and ministries of health in 46 countries, based on 2020 surveys Understanding public communication. It analyzes how this important function of government contributes to better policies and services, greater citizen trust, and ultimately stronger democracies in an increasingly complex information environment. It examines the role that public communication can play in responding to the challenges posed by the spread of misinformation and disinformation and in building more resilient media and information ecosystems. It also advocates for a more strategic use of communication by governments, both to pursue political goals and to promote more open governments, by providing detailed mapping of trends, gaps and lessons learned. Finally, it highlights pioneering efforts to move towards the professionalization of the government communications function and identifies areas for additional research to support this transition.

Available from December 21, 2021

Redefining the role of public communication in a changing information ecosystem
Towards a more effective use of public communication: key pillars of governance
Evidence-based and data-driven public communication
Public Communication Assessment
Communicating in an evolving and fast-paced digital age
Public communication responses to the challenges of misinformation and disinformation
Communication apps for opening up and improving public policies and services

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