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Published: October 05, 2018 |
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Dr. Angela Pool-Funai, director of Southern Utah University’s Master of Public Administration (MPA) program and assistant professor of political science and public administration, recently published her first book, Ethics in tax administration: an introductionsummer 2018. Pool-Funai is the first, to its knowledge, in the field of public sector budgeting, to write a manual dealing mainly with ethics in public administration.

“Public administration is still emerging as a scientific field in its own right, so I hope my book will add to the body of literature and draw positive attention to the important work of the public sector,” Pool said. -Funai.

She decided to write her own book while looking for a textbook to use for her MPA foundation course in public sector economics. After the research, she quickly discovered that most existing textbooks mentioned ethics as an afterthought and not as a fundamental part of the field of public administration. With the encouragement of a mentor, it took Pool-Funai about two years to write his book on public budgeting and ethics. Pool-Funai’s Public Sector Economics class (PADM 6200) is the first class to use this textbook. This class has received the new textbook;

“I love how it moves through the foundations of American political thought and then seamlessly interweaves issues of economics and public sector ethics,” said MPA student Hunter Cox. “I find myself re-reading chapters just because they’re so interesting and thought-provoking.”

“I hope people outside academia will find value in it, including practitioners in the field and even elected officials.” said Pool-Funai.

Pool-Funai is a graduate of Stephen F. Austin State University, Baylor University, and Valdosta State University. She specializes in public administration, virtual currency, tax policy and philanthropy.

SUU’s Master of Public Administration can be completed on campus or 100% online. This NASPAA-accredited program gives students valuable experience in public sector work and can pave the way for city, state, and federal jobs. Career opportunities for individuals with an MPA may include federal/state/local government, higher education administration, human resource management, law enforcement administration, consulting in management or non-profit management. These career paths offer many significantly different opportunities and can make a difference in local and global communities. Learn more about SUU’s MPA program.

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