Thursday, June 23 2022

September 2, 2021, the government has appointed a ministerial task force to develop digital transformation, the data economy and public administration. The group will be responsible for guiding and leading the development of public administration, digital transformation, data economy and information policy.

It will guide the development of digitization, information and technology policy and data economy at government level and coordinate related activities and situational awareness. The ministerial working group will continue to promote the work entrusted to the political management group on public governance reform. It will coordinate development projects and provide the necessary policy guidance on key measures to develop the sector.

The ministerial working group will be chaired by the Minister of Local Government Sirpa Paatero in public administration. In other cases, the Minister of Transport and Communications Timo Harakka will hold the presidency until the end of March 2022, followed by the Minister of Economic Affairs Mika lintilä until the end of September 2022. After that, Minister Paatero will be the sole president for the remainder of the term.

The other members of the group will be Minister of Finance Annika saarikko, Ministry of Justice Anna-Maja Henriksson, Minister of the Environment and Climate Change Krista mikkonen, and Minister of Social Affairs and Health Hanna Sarkkinen.

“The development of public administration goes hand in hand with the development of digitization. Our aim is to strengthen cooperation between administrative branches and thus promote the introduction of electronic services. By bringing together the services of different agencies and the different forms of service transactions, we can guarantee accessible and functional public services for all, ”said Minister of Local Government Sirpa Paatero.

“Cooperation is the only way to provide an enabling environment for the widespread use of digitization in society and to offer the tools to use data across all sectors, organizations and borders. The new ministerial working group will act to promote this goal, ”said Minister of Transport and Communications Timo Harakka.

“I consider it essential that the Finnish digital society and Finland’s competitiveness continue to improve in close cooperation with business and industry, regions and the third sector,” said Minister Harakka.

And after?

The plenary session of the Government will subsequently designate the secretaries general of the ministerial working group from among the ministries responsible for chairing the group.

Source: Ministry of Transport and Communications

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