Tuesday, January 11 2022

In addition, the MPA program Certificate in Nonprofit Leadership and the department’s bachelor’s degree in nonprofit leadership and administration are two great examples of how the social science department serves the community, Meares said.

“The Augusta metropolitan area has a high concentration of non-profit organizations and we have students interested in working in the non-profit sector, and through these programs we can provide them with the knowledge they need. to be successful, “he said. “The graduate certificate and bachelor’s degree allowed students to match their passion, like animal rescue, art or social service, with the skills they need to be successful in the non-profit sector. lucrative.”

Augusta University sets itself apart from the rest of Georgia’s other public colleges by offering a bachelor’s degree in nonprofit leadership and administration, Meares said.

“We are unique in that we are the only school in the Georgia university system to offer a BA in Nonprofit Leadership and Administration,” he said. “Other institutions offer courses, concentrations or certificates, but no diploma. “

Because of the large number of nonprofits in this region, many of these organizations have highly appreciated Augusta University’s efforts to better educate and prepare some of their potential future leaders, Meares said.

“Our nonprofit community has been very receptive to our efforts and a number of organizations have partnered with us for internships,” said Meares. “The BA and the graduate certificate have an internship requirement, which is important because it gives students exposure to their field. Additionally, some of our classes in the MPA have helped local nonprofits write grants or evaluate projects.

Meares said he looks forward to getting to know more CSRA nonprofits and local government organizations in his new role as MPA graduate program director.

“Whether it’s an internship or a classroom project conducted for a community partner, the experiential learning experience is invaluable,” he said. “By having and maintaining good relationships with community partners, our students benefit from internships, community projects and guest speakers who come to campus and share their experiences in the field. “

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