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Are you looking for a career with vast opportunities to make an impact on the world and a growing number of jobs? Public administration can be the perfect fit, and a master’s degree in public administration can prepare you for this important field.

California has a growing need for state-funded programs, which means that an increasing number of jobs in public administration are likely to be available statewide. With this in mind, APU’s 36-unit Master of Public Administration (MPA) program prepares students to solve public problems through the use of Christ-centered leadership skills.

How you can benefit from an AMP

Many students seeking employment in the public sector see an increased need for an MPA. Employers are looking for people who demonstrate competence and can convert from managers to executives. Graduate studies in public administration can prepare emerging leaders to advance their careers in the service of publicly funded or nonprofit organizations.

Additionally, students in the APU MPA program get a first-hand experience with access to the University’s Public Affairs Center in Sacramento, located a few blocks from the State Capitol of California, as well as opportunities to partner with municipal advocacy groups on research projects. This promotes their preparation and puts them ahead of the pack when they apply for jobs.

The types of careers an MPA will prepare you for

Designed around public sector jobs, an MPA will help you prepare for a variety of jobs in government and nonprofit organizations. In fact, many APU graduates have held positions in local, county, and state government. There is also an increased need in human services with more baby boomers retiring. A growing number of programs that serve populations and the elderly are in demand and those with MPA degrees can help manage and lead the organizations that provide these services.

Some of the other careers an MPA can prepare you for include:

  • Police Commissioner
  • Social housing manager
  • City manager
  • director of social services
  • Representative to the United Nations
  • CEO or COO of a business or non-profit organization

How an MPA can impact (and influence) your future

APU’s Master of Public Administration program provides students with a comprehensive set of skills to meet the needs of any public sector organization, including the ability to oversee budgets, manage teams, and demonstrate leadership. The program is offered entirely online, giving students the flexibility to enter and exit at any time while continuing to work. Online courses are organized in convenient increments so that you can complete the program as quickly as possible and take the next step in your career.

Are you interested in working towards a Masters in Public Administration at Azusa Pacific University? Learn more about the program and its curriculum.

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