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Barry DuplantisVice President and General Manager of Public Sector Operations in North America at Most importantrecently spoke with GovCon thread regarding Mattermost’s primary markets of interest and the relevance of the company’s offerings to the public sector.

Additionally, Duplantis discussed considerations on federal government communication tools as well as how Mattermost is providing better collaboration with government agencies over the past Executive Spotlight interview.

“Now more than ever, it’s critical that every organization’s development and operations teams, in both the private and public sectors, have the ability to communicate and collaborate effectively in real time.

Old-school workflow systems and traditional means of communication and collaboration simply don’t work in today’s distributed and agile environments. That’s why Mattermost exists: to bring teams together, help them focus on what matters most, and build better software and digital operations.

You can read the full Barry Duplantis interview below:

GovCon thread: What can you tell us about Mattermost and what your company does? How are your offerings relevant to the public sector?

Barry Duplantis: “Mattermost is a secure open source platform for workflow management and collaboration. The platform offers a unified suite of tools like Playbooks, Channels, and Boards to manage workflows and information sharing across organizations, breaking down silos for increased visibility, rapid software development, and collaboration mission-oriented security.

Some of our largest and most successful customers are in government space. This is understandable since government agencies need to be able to collaborate on a highly secure platform. We give them the option to use our platform on-premises or in a secure cloud. Either way, they have full control over their information and communications. They have very granular user permission controls that allow them to monitor who has access to what. And, they have great visibility into what is happening on the platform.

So we give them the solution they need to communicate and collaborate, but we also give them full control. They can adhere to evolving security and compliance regulations, as well as their Zero Trust initiatives, without compromising the ability of teams to work effectively.

Mattermost also helps businesses thrive in other regulated markets such as banking and insurance. Given the upcoming SEC cybersecurity regulations for financial services organizations, these organizations will need a place to collaborate and prioritize their course of action. We have already worked to optimize secure collaboration for large banks, so we will be well positioned to help these companies navigate these changes. »

GovCon thread: Better collaboration is essential for government agencies and their teams. Who are the typical stakeholders and users of Mattermost? Can you give us specific examples where Mattermost has been used in action by these agencies and teams?

Barry Duplantis: “From my perspective, there are two distinct groups of government personnel who rely on Mattermost. There’s the developer community within software factories like Platform One and Kessel Run, and there’s the mission-driven community like Air Mobility Command or the US Air Force.

Software factory groups rely on Mattermost to support their rapid software development. These teams rely on Mattermost to support collaboration and project management for increased visibility and efficiency.

Mission-driven groups use Mattermost to securely collaborate on team alignment and agility. For example, during Operation Allied Refuge in Afghanistan, Mattermost came under heavy demand from air and ground crews. Mattermost enabled these teams to manage the development of flight plans and share information so teams could be as prepared as possible.

I think both of these are great examples of how effective Mattermost is for development and tactical deployments. We give our customers the tools they need to quickly build and manage application development, but we also give them the ability to coordinate critical projects and critical efforts in real time.

GovCon thread: We know the government uses many communication tools, so what are the important considerations?

Barry Duplantis: “Security and compliance standards will always be important to government, as will ease of use and the ability to support rapid deployments. These factors have influenced the development and direction of our platform since its inception. That’s what made Mattermost so appealing: we’re able to provide organizations with a solution that meets their high compliance standards without sacrificing the fast, streamlined deployments that organizations increasingly want.

Mattermost also brings flexibility that few other platforms can offer. Mattermost can be reliably deployed on-premises and in isolated environments. As I mentioned earlier, this ties into the government’s need to have control over its data: self-hosting Mattermost ultimately gives you complete data sovereignty.

Mattermost is also very customizable. It is an open-source product that allows users to add apps, webhooks, and other tools tailored to their use cases. We will see a continuous transition to digital transformation, with no one-size-fits-all solution. The ability to integrate different solutions will prove essential and will bring a world of opportunities to agencies.

Ultimately, agencies are walking a tightrope between an agile approach and a more structured approach to collaboration. They need tools that support rapid coordination and alignment across teams, tools, and processes, as well as prescribed and modeled workflow management capabilities. Mattermost enables this, while protecting valuable data with an open source platform capable of existing in the midst of what operators and commands need to accomplish their missions.

This is the role of Mattermost. We give agencies the balance they seek by offering them an exceptional combination of collaboration, prescribed workflow management, speed and security.

I think that’s exactly what the government is looking for when looking to commercial vendors to help them meet their challenges. We have proven that we are up to the task.

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