Thursday, August 11 2022

Last month, during a VIVE TALK session, HTC VIVE demonstrated a virtual reality (VR) behavioral training solution that helps individuals speak in public by placing users in a virtual environment – like a stage – with digital humans.

HTC VIVE’s immersive training platform integrates the company’s line of VR wearables to place a user in a realistic environment that stimulates the gradual adaptation of an audience to combat a user’s social anxiety.

During the VIVE TALK session, the firm explained:

Virtual reality is particularly effective in public speaking training for two reasons. First, it provides ultra-realistic environments, and second, it allows realistic interaction between speaker and audience.

Users can access HTC VIVE’s public speaking training service through officially supported VR collaboration apps.

HTC’s VIVE TALK is an online resource center that includes sessions covering its VIVEVERSE platform, enterprise use cases, hardware, software, and the portal hosts “Good Vibes”, a reality podcast extended (XR) produced by HTC VIVE.

Immersive training solutions offer many possibilities for enterprise-grade use cases. Companies such as Moth + Flame, Axon, and Igloo Vision distribute XR training platforms to enterprise customers preparing a workforce before entering a frontline environment.

Additionally, XR immersive learning solutions from Moth + Flame and Axon allow corporate customers to deploy enhanced behavioral training to improve worker-customer relationships.


HTC VIVE provides various enterprise-grade collaboration services under its VIVERSE umbrella of immersive apps – slated for release in 2023.

The VIVEVERSE is a Metaverse service that unifies various VR experiences into a virtual world. At this year’s Mobile World Conference, Dear Wang, Co-Founder and President of HTC confirmed that his company was developing an ethical metaverse, following global efforts to create a safe digital space from key XR companies like Meta and Unity.

VIVERSE enables the distribution of immersive apps and experiences for owners of HTC VIVE headsets. Also, the service supports cross-platform delivery for both desktop and mobile users.

HTC VIVE developed the service as an open-source product that incorporates various options including built-in NFT and cryptocurrencies.

HTC is developing the Reign Core 5G solution to support its Metaverse ambitions, which delivers 3D data elements to devices with low latency.

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