Tuesday, January 11 2022

The Information and Communication Technology Agency (ICTA) will launch a framework to develop “digital information managers” (CDIOs) in the public sector of Sri Lanka. The initiative was launched virtually in the presence of the Secretary of the Ministry of Technology, Jayantha De Silva, President of ICTA, Oshada Senanayake, Director General of ICTA, P.Eng. Mahinda B. Herath and many distinguished speakers and guests from the public and government sectors. This initiative aims to develop 500 CDIOs in the public sector by 2024.

ICTA, in line with the national vision of building a smart nation, has embarked on a journey of digital transformation in the public sector of Sri Lanka. These efforts are undertaken to ensure efficient and effective service delivery to stakeholders, primarily the citizens of Sri Lanka.

Government capacity is essential to make the digital transformation of government a success. Instead of achieving this national goal, ICTA embarked on a holistic capacity building campaign and incorporated a framework to digitally mature government while empowering the workforce at all. levels.

A key pillar of this effort is the creation of a CDIO, a capable and competent person established within public sector institutions to lead its vital digitization efforts.

The CDIO will ensure that we drive the digital transformation while ensuring that public sector organizations undertake timely, relevant and achievable efforts to reduce costs, ensure faster service delivery and maintain transparency in all transactions and interactions within. within government.

Minister of Technology Secretary Jayantha de Silva said: “The government is fully committed to supporting this initiative launched by the ICTA. A significant shift is expected within the government sector towards citizen-centered government over the next three years. Therefore, we urge public sector employees to move forward and be part of this initiative as the ICTA facilitates capacity building, focusing on developing a capable government workforce. ” .

ICTA President Oshada Senanayake said: “As we focus on a digital transformation journey in the public sector, a key imperative is capacity building and skills enhancement for sustainability in the public sector. long term. The government CDIO program would be essential to ensure the introduction of technology as a catalyst within the public sector, aligning digital initiatives with organizational processes and policies, aligned to ensure optimal user experience for the public ”.

The CDIO framework will present the CDIO government initiative roadmap for the public sector. The framework will also provide guidance and the minimum qualifications and skills necessary for any government employee to be considered for the CDIO position.

Head of ICTA Digital Economy, Anura de Alwis presented the pool of dedicated mentors to help in this process: Ramesh Shanmuganathan, Group CIO John Keells Holdings, Ms. Anoja Basnayake, Director IT, A. Baur and Co., Madhu Ratnayake, Executive Vice President and CIO, Virtusa and board member ICTA, KV Kuganathan, Group CIO Janashakthi Group, Ms. Ama Ekanayake, Head of IT, Lion Brewery and Jehan Mutalif, Chief Digital Officer MAS Holdings.

The Directors General and the Director of Capacity Building of the ICTA were also present.

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