Monday, November 15 2021

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Leonard Ncube, Victoria Falls reporter
EVERY citizen is eligible to serve on the board of directors of a state-owned or state-owned enterprise and can express interest by registering in an online administration database from which those who nominate the councils select people to be monitored.

This was stated by the head of the e-government unit of the office of the president and the brigadier general (retired) Charles Wekwete during the summit on information and communication technologies (ICT). from the Computer Society of Zimbabwe (CSZ) in Victoria Falls yesterday.

He was responding to the concerns of CSZ members about being overlooked in appointing boards, especially in state-owned companies.

ICT professionals have said they are not sufficiently represented on public sector boards despite their expertise in the new digital world, which is critical in the country’s progress to an upper middle-income economy by 2030.

Brigadier General Wekwete said the problem was historic as ICT was previously not a stand-alone department in any organization, but things changed with the 4th Industrial Revolution which is computer-aided.

“A few years ago, the government introduced a system to identify the members to be appointed on the boards of directors of public enterprises. If you feel like you want to be nominated, there is an online platform where you sign up, ”Brigadier General Wekwete said.

“The process for appointments to boards of SOEs has been changed to now allow all Zimbabweans to apply for the corporate governance unit of the OPC and to provide information and volunteer to serve. to one of the boards of directors. The person is then required to provide their contact details to the corporate governance unit and indicate where they believe that due to their skills and experience, they would serve the best.

He said that the boards are appointed by different institutions and ministries which have to go to the platform and select from the database.

Once one registers on the platform, he goes through a control process which includes verification of his qualifications and experience.

“Everyone in the ICT world is encouraged to register because if they are not registered, no one knows who they are. This applies not only to ICT-related companies or state-owned enterprises, but to all boards of directors, as we are now very dependent on ICT, ”he said.

The four-day conference that started Wednesday and ends tomorrow will be held under the theme: “Digital Innovations for Post-Pandemic Recovery”.

It was organized by CSZ.

CSZ President Allen Saruchera said ICT experts have a role to play in every economic sector.

“Within government, they shared that there is a platform available and that we need to register in order to have our professionals on this platform and to engage continuously with the relevant ministries.

The answer that emerged was that there is this consultative role that needs to be played so that at the board level there are ICT experts who know the sector well to provide the necessary expertise as the organizations adopt.

We are very happy that there is a way forward and that a system is in place, ”he said. – @ncubeleon

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