Thursday, June 23 2022

Hyderabad: Even “good speakers” can hone their skills and talents after completing the two-day public speaking training, participants who attended the 102nd batch of Vaktha, jointly organized by Hmtv and Kaushalya School of Life Skills, at Jubilee Hills on May 14 and May 15.

Most of those who participated wanted to transform themselves into a personality capable of changing society. Aspiring politicians and social workers filled with a high level of self-confidence are committed to making an impact on society through their enhanced communication skills. Some felt a complete change in their attitude and body language within two days of training; they claimed to maintain the balance achieved through tips.

Director (training) Kapil Group, teacher of the training program D Bal Reddy, who gave tips on public speaking, asked participants to write them down and practice them regularly if they were serious about transforming themselves into good speakers. Public speaking, he explained, was a kind of skill anyone could acquire through regular practice. Reddy also presented certificates to participants.

While providing feedback, participants felt that this well-organized program was surprisingly easy to understand with appropriate examples.

BVV Satyanarayana from Kakinada described the training session with high quality content, which was perfectly delivered to the participants. He noted that the training would help him overcome mistakes made in his daily life; felt that even those who feel good at speaking should take the program to improve their skills.

K Shyamala Devi from Hyderabad felt like getting rid of all her inhibitions after going on stage; now she is able to speak with more confidence.

Mohan Shinde, an advocate of Nirmal, observed that it was one of the significant events in his life that provided him with a foundation to overcome life’s obstacles as he learned to interact with people.

Dr. Srinivas Suppala from Hyderabad also wanted to get rid of all his stage fear and called two days of training a great experience.

The 103 batch of Vaktha will take place on June 11 and 12, second Saturday and Sunday. For more information, those interested can contact the phone 77299-85177

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