Thursday, August 11 2022
By Alexandra Craco
Chapter Secretary
Hillsboro FFA

On February 17, 10 students competed in the sub-district public speaking contest at Lynchburg-Clay High School. Within this contest, there are different categories, such as FFA Creed Presentation, Beginning Prepared Speaking, Advanced Prepared Speaking, and Improvised Speaking.

The Hillsboro FFA had four freshmen who participated in the presentation of the FFA Creed. These students included Addy Knauff, Corbin Winkle, Gavin Brown and Ava Campbell.

Winkle won first place in the Creed Speaking contest. In the next category, Prepared Debut, the FFA chapter had two members competing, including Ramsey Haines and Jenna Rhoades. Rhoades placed second in that category and qualified for the district competition. Next comes the Advanced Prepared Speaking Competition. Competing were Riley Stratton, Aizhan Amanova and Bre Karnes. Stratton fought his way to the top spot in this category. Finally, Mason Hostetler took part in the Extemporaneous Speaking contest.

Riley Stratton, Jenna Rhoades and Corbin Winkle all qualified for the district competition, which was held on February 23. Corbin Winkle placed third overall in the district, entering the Creed Speaking competition. He marked that spot by placing second in the first heat and then earning the chance to race in the last four.

Riley Stratton has once again fought her way to the top and placed first in the Advanced Prepared Speaking competition, and will be competing in the State Public Speaking competition to be held in March.

“Coming to this competition was a step out of my comfort zone, but a step that I think everyone should take,” Campbell said.

The Hillsboro FFA is very proud of all of these competitors not only for their awards, but also for having the courage to face many of their fears.

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