Thursday, June 23 2022
The launch of the Public Administration Reform Index 2021 and the Public Administration Service Satisfaction Index. Photo VNA/VNS

The southern province of Kien Giang and the Ministry of Science and Technology were at the bottom of the ranking.

The results were announced on Wednesday by the government’s Steering Committee on Public Administration Reform.

Interior Minister Pham Thi Thanh Tra said at the launch ceremony of the report on Wednesday that 2021 was the 10th year of the Interior Ministry coordinating with related ministries, localities and agencies to deploy, identify and publish the PAR index.

2021 was the 5th year that the satisfaction of people and organizations was measured in the administrative agencies of the 63 provinces and cities of the country.

Sociological surveys were conducted to collect the opinions and assessments of individuals and organizations on the results of administrative reform in ministries, agencies and provinces, as well as to measure satisfaction with the services offered by state administrative agencies.

Tra said that despite the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic in Vietnam last year, the government has made sure to step up administrative reforms in a flexible, creative and timely manner to adapt to the situation.

Pham Minh Hung, director of the administrative reform department of the interior ministry and head of the steering committee office, said the 2021 sociological survey gathered feedback from 79,600 respondents, including 49,600 civil servants, leaders and managers of ministries and localities. .

The number of respondents was 2.25 times higher than in 2020 since nearly 30,000 people and company representatives took part in the survey. Representatives of professional associations also assessed the administrative reform of ministries.

Seventy departments and departmental agencies are classified into three groups of points. The group with results above 90% includes the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Finance and the State Bank of Vietnam.

The group with scores between 80 and 90% are: Home Affairs, Foreign Affairs, Natural Resources and Environment, Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs, Construction, Information and Communication, Transport, Agriculture and Rural Development, Planning and Investment , industry and commerce. , Culture, Sports and Tourism, Ministry of Health, Education and Training.

Only one scored less than 80% – the Ministry of Science and Technology, with a PAR index of 78.72%.

Hung said the average PAR index value of 17 ministries and ministerial-level agencies in 2021 is 86.07 percent, down 1.49 percent from 2020 (87.56 percent). However, for the last ten years of evaluation, the results of the PAR index continued to maintain an upward trend, the average value of the PAR index in 2021 increased by 10.69% compared to 2012.

The PAR Index 2021 results of provinces and cities are also categorized into three groups.

Group A with an index of 90% or more, which includes Hai Phong (91.8%), Quang Ninh (91.14%) and Da Nang (90.25%).

Group B is 59 provinces and cities with index scores of 80 percent to less than 90 percent.

Kien Giang Province was the only province to fall into Group C with a PAR index score of 79.97%.

Last year was also the second consecutive year that Kien Giang is in the group of five localities with the lowest PAR results in the country.

“In general, the results of the PAR 2021 index of provinces and cities continue to have positive growth, showing the efforts and determination to promote the administrative reform of local authorities at all levels. The method has brought effects outstanding, which are increasingly recognized and appreciated by people and the business community,” Hung said.

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Pantami advocates effective public sector reforms

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