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BETWEEN THE LINES: by Phillip Chidavaenzi

THE ability to speak and therefore to convince, persuade or seduce is increasingly becoming a valuable asset, especially for those who interact with other people on a daily basis.

Professional fields that quickly come to mind are marketing, advertising, law, media, and conferences.

Students who are interested in public speaking will also certainly find this book very useful. The book defines the objectives of public speaking: “Public speaking also initiates action among the public. Another purpose of public speaking is to persuade or appeal to the heart, for example in marketing and politics. The other goals of public speaking are to entertain, influence, and subdue or get people to think. ”(Pp6).

What is almost immediately evident about the reach of a book of this nature and reach is that those who are able to use words correctly have a better chance of being successful in life. One of the reasons that can easily separate those who succeed and those who fail is the ability or inability to speak.

While almost all other people can speak in public, what makes the difference is the style and manner of speaking. So many people are looking for opportunities to learn and use the art of public speaking.

It is in this context that Amon Gora, teacher and life coach, recently published this classic text entitled Make every speech count, which is almost overflowing with scenic wisdom. The book explores the essentials of public speaking such as acceptability, credibility and credibility, which it calls the “ABCs” of public speaking, as well as its 4Cs: courage, consistency. , trust and content.

Released by Royalty Books this year, the publication is sure to become a key asset for professional speakers and others from a variety of disciplines who want to master the art of public speaking.

Gora uses her encyclopedic knowledge of public speaking to empower other people who want to use the power of words to achieve certain ends in life.

The book, which offers a broader perspective on the art of public speaking, couldn’t have hit the market at a better time.

The ability to speak fluently and eloquently is becoming an increasingly valuable skill in the contemporary world where various professions now rely heavily on the ability to use words as capital.

An important realization in the book is that while many people have been gifted with an outpouring of words, the gift of the habit often needs to be refined to perfection. This is the gap that Gora seeks to bridge through this topical book.

With the mantra that you win and lose after gaining traction, Gora seeks to dispel such a notion when it comes to public speaking.

His underlying argument in the book is that when it comes to public speaking – and even communicating away from crazy crowds – you can definitely win it all, especially if you know how to address a crowd.

With such a handy tool now available, the time of fumbling in the dark when it comes to “words” is over for through a book like this the light has come.

In his preface to the book, Blessing Duri, President and Founder of the International Coaching and Mentoring Foundation (ICMF), writes: “… the most effective way to communicate is to speak. Thus, speaking is a vitally important communication method.

Gora uses crisp, concise and determined writing, much like a painter who knows how to use his strokes on a canvas, making the book a pleasure to read. It’s a book you can read over and over again.

As the word continues to globalize, just knowing the tricks of the trade when it comes to public speaking has become a valuable asset.

That Gora is a teacher is also manifested in the post. Another positive feature of this book is its ability to provide knowledge and information in an understandable way.

There is no doubt that this book was born from the condensation of knowledge and information accumulated over many years. It combines revelation and experience.

The 109-page book, divided into eight chapters, provides an intimate knowledge of public speaking around critical communication issues, audience demographics, different types of speech and delivery methods, structuring presentations and body language, among others.

All of these are important aspects that an aspiring speaker should be aware of if they are to make their speeches count.

If anyone wants to become a competent professional speaker or be more articulate in their day-to-day social relationships, this essential tool should be part of their library. It will serve them well, thanks to Gora’s vision.

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