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Regardless of the industry, upgrading from a distributed legacy phone system to a unified communications strategy has the power to minimize costs, improve productivity, and generate new growth opportunities. The transition to UC solutions has never been more important in the public sector landscape, where agility, security and efficiency are essential.

Access to the right tools not only allows public sector organizations to reduce the costs of existing infrastructure. The right solutions can also help align teams, improve customer service, and bring new opportunities to larger communities of people.

Hamilton County Developmental Disabilities Services (HCDSS) is a public sector government enterprise responsible for serving the community since 1968. The group supports more than 8,000 people a year, providing people with developmental disabilities with more opportunities to work, learn and participate in their lives. communities.

To continue to serve these people, the HCDDS has chosen to work with Zoom to create a comprehensive solution leveraging everything from Zoom meetings to Zoom Phone for better and more unified communications.

Let’s see how the HCDDS and Zoom worked together.

Prioritizing ease of use in the public sector

HCDSS focuses on supporting people with developmental disabilities and their families through all stages of life. To provide this support, the company needed a communications solution that could provide continuity during the pandemic and improve the overall case management and service delivery process.

According to Brian Knight, Director of Information Technology at Hamilton County Developmental Disabilities Services, Zoom was the obvious choice to help his agency achieve its mission. Prior to 2020, Knight said he and his team rarely participated in video meetings because most interactions were in person. However, that changed when the pandemic started.

When COVID-19 emerged, Knight and his team knew that simple solutions like Skype weren’t enough to meet their new demands. The team was offered a 90-day Webex license, but the solution didn’t seem to provide everything they were looking for. Finally, the company decided to pilot Zoom, purchasing just ten meeting licenses, to begin with.

The team’s response was overwhelming, with many users pointing out how easy the technology was to access. The HCDDS leadership team was also on hand, and Knight eventually decided to demo the solution in hopes of driving adoption across the organization.

What started as a simple demonstration of the benefits of Zoom Meetings quickly turned into an exploration of the entire Zoom ecosystem. The HCDDS team began investigating the benefits of flexible audio communications through Zoom Phone. Once again, the company started by testing the licenses with a small group and went from there.

For Knight, implementing Zoom solutions has been a seamless and profitable experience. The cost of entry was practically nil, because the company did not have to invest in specialists to set things up. Also, having video and audio in the same environment with the addition of Zoom Phone has only made managing the ecosystem easier.

Explore new opportunities with Zoom

Once Knight and his team effectively rolled out Zoom Meetings and Phone across the agency, they also began implementing Zoom Rooms for office conferencing sessions and Zoom Chat to ensure quick and easy messaging capabilities for the team. According to Knight, the impact of the upgrade was felt by both voters and employees.

The company quickly noticed significant changes in its workflows, starting with better accessibility. Live transcription has become an essential tool for many users as it has provided hearing impaired individuals and employees with additional support.

At the same time, for remote and hybrid workers entering the new era of work, Zoom has also helped prioritize a better work-life balance. The team loved the opportunity to set their hours on Zoom Phone, and the leadership group also noticed an increase in meeting attendance. Zoom allows for better engagement in various conversations, including with court-appointed guardians.

One of the biggest benefits of switching to Zoom for the HCDDS team was the simplified management and ease of use they could access. The company wanted to find something that was easy to use and that anyone else could quickly access. After seeing such success with the Zoom platform, Knight quickly spread the word to his colleagues and cohorts.

The HCDDS leadership group quickly began sharing their rave reviews of Zoom with a group of all the directors of the IT county boards in the state of Ohio. Group members noted that they previously used more traditional PBX systems, but began switching to Zoom based on Knight’s recommendation.

Knight and his team even discovered how beneficial it could be to have the right hardware solutions from Zoom. The group quickly realized how Zoom Rooms could help regularly support some of the schools HCDDS works with. As a result, Knight decided to show these schools how to use the product first-hand, providing a demonstration of the group’s Zoom Room capabilities.

Schools that attended the demo have already shared their excitement about moving to Zoom Rooms hardware.

Moving forward with HCDDS and Zoom

According to Knight and the Hamilton County Developmental Disabilities Services leadership team, Zoom has quickly become one of the most powerful and versatile solutions in their toolbox. More than just a video conferencing solution, the service has quickly become the go-to service for all HCDSS communication and collaboration needs.

The progress HCDSS has made with Zoom has already begun to spread to other public sector organizations, helping them continue to provide essential services to the public. Zoom is proud to say that its vast ecosystem of tools for meetings, messaging, and phone calls helps strengthen and elevate the vital work of local and state agencies in Ohio.

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