Thursday, June 23 2022

An expert in public speaking, leadership and branding, Patience Chisanga-Mayer has launched a masterclass in public speaking and personal branding aimed at giving entrepreneurs, executives and young professionals essential communication and branding skills.

In conjunction with The Quorum, Zambia’s premier private business club, the class dubbed “Executive Public Speaking Master Class 411” was designed by Ms. Chisanga-Mayer, a Zambian expert in public speaking, leadership and of branding based in Frankfurt, Germany.

With a global and local perspective, the class offers over 20 skills and resources to its participants and incorporates essential communication and presentation skills, confidence building, social media personal and professional branding strategies. The course prompts detailed discussions and explores practical examples, tips and fundamentals in communication, networking and branding.

“The main reason why most young professionals do not progress in their careers and why companies or organizations do not achieve their visibility and marketing objectives has to do with the low standards of excellence in their communication and brand image processes. If you can’t come out confidently, speak with ease and showing empathy, you cannot inspire confidence in the people around you, in the workplace or in your customers” said Chisanga-Mayer.

And Shivani Vaghela, Head of Marketing at Quorum, said there is a growing demand for customized corporate training services for companies, professionals and entrepreneurs in various industries, especially in communication and corporate image. brand in Zambia.

“At Quorum, we believe that if our members or corporate clients are effective communicators or public speakers while networking with like-minded people, their voices will be heard and their professional businesses will thrive and they will contribute to the growth of the Zambian economy as a whole. We want all of our customers and prospects to sit around the table with confidence. That’s why, when Ms. Patience Chisanga-Mayer approached us with this progressive class, we said yes, because our collaboration fuels our quest to support entrepreneurs and businesses inside and outside the country. in an exclusive environment that exudes the extraordinary.”

Ms. Chisanga-Mayers’ training services were inspired by her Toastmasters International journey and is a triple crown, current public speaking champion for Zambia and Malawi, under Toastmasters International as well as a competition semi-finalist. international discourse, tabletop topics and assessment from Southern Africa. She is the first Zambian woman living in Zambia to earn the Distinguished Toastmaster Award from Toastmasters International. The award is a communication and leadership award that represents Toastmasters International’s highest level of academic achievement.

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