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The ability to communicate is essential regardless of what profession you have chosen. If you are under 18, other Kingsport kids want to help you develop and hone this skill.

Throughout life, we encounter situations where our ability to express ourselves is important. But good communication skills involve more than just talking. You must also learn to listen and write.

Effective public speaking skills can help us in everything we do in life, whether it’s getting a job, looking for a mate, or advancing in a career. Those who are effective at communication demonstrate creativity, critical thinking, poise and professionalism, and they are ahead of the competition. This is important because almost everything in life is competition.

Run by Emily Cai, a senior from Dobyns-Bennett High School, the Gavel Club is open to anyone in the Tri-Cities under the age of 18.

“I find this especially useful for people my age, because usually in a classroom at school we are intimidated by the students around us and our teacher because we get a fixed mark for our presentation,” he said. said Cai, club president. “The Gavel Club is about improvement, not competition.”

Gavel Club is a public speaking and leadership organization that aims to help its members become more confident and effective communicators.

It is associated with Toastmasters International, a similar organization for adults.

The Kingsport Gavel Club is affiliated with Kingsport’s Wednesday Orators Toastmasters Club, which meets every Wednesday from noon to 1:00 pm. Joan Yarlagadda, member of the Wednesday Orators Club, is a consultant for the new Gavel Club.

Cai was inspired to form a Gavel Club after attending a Wednesday Orators Club reunion with her mother, who is a member of that organization.

“I was very interested and intrigued by the meeting because it helped people express themselves in public and communicate,” Cai said. “I wanted to form a club that had sort of the same function and meaning, so I formed the Gavel Club with the Wednesday Orators Toastmasters Club.”

In a typical meeting, club members will hear a speaker on a certain topic and reviewers will provide feedback on the presentation. Impromptu topics are also presented for members to discuss on site. All meetings have been held virtually on the Zoom app due to the pandemic, and this will continue in the coming weeks at 6:30 p.m. on the first and third Saturdays of each month.

Yarlagadda said the skills learned in the club are useful in all aspects of life.

“In Toastmasters, I learned the great skills of storytelling and how to tell the story, how to improve and moderate my speech so that I can improve my story,” Yarlagadda said. “It made me a better teacher, and it made me a better person.”

Gavel Club gives young people the opportunity to become better speakers in a pressure-free environment.

“We’re not competing for a rating or anything,” Cai said. “It’s about improving yourself, offering constructive criticism and accepting it. … It’s just about not stressing out and a way to improve for the future, like job interviews and college introductions.

Especially if as a youngster you have difficulty speaking in front of an audience, you should contact the brand new Kingsport Gavel Club by visiting or emailing kptgavelclub @ gmail. com.

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