Thursday, August 11 2022

The Chinese University of Hong Kong plans to merge its government and public administration program with two other programs related to global studies and data science, as fewer students are interested in its once popular political science courses.

Carlos Lo Wing-hung, head of the government and public administration department at CUHK, said the curriculum reform plan has been submitted to the university and the merger will start no earlier than during of the 2023/24 academic year, he said in an interview with The standardthe brother diary of Sing the Tao daily.

Lo said government and public administration courses “put too much emphasis on politics,” weakening the competitiveness of graduates. He hopes that the new program will have more content on international relations and public administration, to increase its attractiveness.

Lo also said that students in the program can do their internships at different institutes.

“Students interested in international relations can do an internship in embassies or non-profit organizations, and those interested in public management and policy studies can apply to groups of reflection, while those interested in politics can do their internship in lawmakers’ offices, ” Lo says.

The department will hire more lecturers and teaching staff after the merger.

“Currently there are a dozen professors and lecturers in the government and public administration program and they mainly teach political subjects. Only two or three lecturers teach public administration and international relations,” Lo said. .

Fewer students applied to the government and public administration program after the social unrest of 2019, and the number of students admitted to the program each year has dropped from 38 students in the past to 25 this year.

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