Thursday, August 11 2022

keith johnson is a sales professional with over forty years of experience building federally-focused businesses and selling products and services to the US government. Prior to joining CrowdAI, Keith served as VP and GM of Spire Global, where he established his federal practice in 2017 and led the company’s successful IPO in 2021. Keith helped build create seven companies, previously working with ThinkLogical, Vocollect, Liquid Machine, Akamai Technologies, Oracle and SAP America Public Sector.

Melanie Corcoran is a career intelligence professional with twenty-five years of experience in government services and commercial R&D, leading the research, testing and deployment of advanced technology solutions. Melanie was previously Chief Technology Officer at Ursa Space Systems, an analytics-based company in the emerging New Space business ecosystem. She brings to CrowdAI a unique approach to industry-government partnerships.

Chairman and CEO of CrowdAI Raj Devaki said: “We are extremely excited to have Melanie and Keith join us. They bring invaluable experience and energy that will help energize our already strong partnerships with the US government in the future.”

About CrowdAI

CrowdAI offers the leading software platform for creating a custom computer vision (CV), allowing anyone to create high-quality CV templates for analyzing images and video – no data science training or coding required. Our comprehensive solution provides all the tools needed to go from raw pixels to structured information tailored to your specific needs. Resume templates created through CrowdAI’s software platform have been used for SRI, humanitarian aid and disaster response, anti-trafficking, infrastructure maintenance, public health surveillance, medical diagnostics and much more. Visit CrowdAI on

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