Thursday, June 23 2022
  • Consip announces that it has activated the “Remote Security Services” framework agreement for the implementation of the three-year plan for information technologies in the public sector;
  • HSPI SpA, a TXT Group company, in collaboration with Intellera Consulting, Capgemini Italia SpA and TELECONSYS SpA, will provide the public sector with products and services aimed at identifying the security status of the information system, defining a cybersecurity strategy and to identify security needs, worth 47 million euros;
  • The framework agreement relating to Loto 2, dedicated to “Compliance and Control” services finally awarded and effective from March 16, 2022, has been active since May 27, 2022 and has a duration of 24 months.

Rome, June 20, 2022

Consider announced that it had activated a new contract for the supply of Cybersecurity Servicesfor the Public sector. The framework agreement relating to Loto 2, dedicated to “Compliance and control“services, named HSPIa TXT Group Company, among the winning suppliers alongsideIntellera Consulting, Capgemini Italia SpA and TELECONSYS SpAThis important new announcement confirms HSPI SpA and the entire TXT Group as one of the major players in the Italian digital transformation process.

With the aim of implementing the three-year information technology planin the Public sectorand thedigitization missionof the Recovery and Resilience Planit is increasingly important to provide the Italian public sector with products and services in the field of cybersecurity that allow it to counter the ever-growing cyber threat to critical infrastructures and digital services.

The achievement of this goal is fulfilled with great pride by CEO of HSPI SpASebastiano Mannoand the entire TXT Group. HSPI, a TXT Group company, has been operating for more than 20 years with preeminent leadership in the public sector panorama, thanks to its distinctive and specialized technological skills in ICT.

We are experiencing a new technological revolution, in which the digital transformation mission of the recovery plan is an important objective for the country’s innovation and infrastructure. HSPI, thanks in part to the participation of the TXT Group, which specializes in the implementation of digital solutions based on key skills in technological and business-critical processes, has the necessary skills and experience to support the sector. public on this path. The particularity of being able to boast among the Group’s excellences of considerable verticality in areas such as Cyber ​​​​Security, continues to confirm the solidity of HSPI and of the TXT Group as a whole, offering itself as an ideal partner for support and guide Public Administrations in the path towards digital innovation. A team capable of integrating distinctive skills will contribute decisively to the achievement of cybersecurity objectivescommented Sebastiano Manno, CEO of HSPI.

The services to be provided are: Security Policy(definition of the strategic choices inherent in the governance of information security); Vulnerability assessment(definition of a process to identify and classify information security risks and vulnerabilities); Code testing(identification of software vulnerabilities in the first phase of the lifecycle); Incident analysis and management assistance; Penetration testsexploit the vulnerabilities detected in order to determine the degree of security of the information system; Compliance or compliance analysis of the information systemwith norms, rules, standards or policies.

HSPI has been part of the TXT group since 2020, in collaboration with Intellera Consulting, Capgemini Italia SpA and TELECONSYS SpA are committed to providing services and products in the IT field, with the aim of an increasingly digitized country ready to face growing cyber threats.

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Note to Editors

HSPI SpA and TXT Group Company

HSPI SpA, part of the TXT Group, is a management consulting company that has been active for over 20 years and is able to support its clients in the change processes generated by information and communication technologies. HSPI uses an operating model capable of integrating distinctive management consulting skills and specialized ICT knowledge. In 2020, HSPI SpA is part of the TXT Group, a multinational IT group, end-to-end provider of software solutions, consulting and services to support the digital transformation of products and processes. With a portfolio of proprietary software and specialized vertical solutions, TXT operates in multiple markets, with a growing presence in the aerospace, defense, industrial, government and fintech sectors. TXT is headquartered in Milan and operates with subsidiaries in Italy, Germany, UK, France, Switzerland and USA. The parent company TXT e-solutions SpA has been listed on the Star segment of the Italian Stock Exchange (TXT.MI) since July 2000.

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