Thursday, August 11 2022

The public sector continues to need professionals with the rigorous training to deal with the complexities of managing public programs and assets. Your career path could include teaching or training assignments, research, or various roles in government and nonprofit organizations, including corporate administrators, government relations officer, budget specialist , a policy analyst and many others.

According to labor market analyzes and economic data from Emsi1, employers seeking graduates with a Bachelor of Public Administration are primarily public sector entities or contractors who provide consulting and software solutions. Emsi also confirms some of the best job titles for professionals with this degree:

  • Federal (U.S. government, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs)
  • State Government Administrations
  • Municipal governments
  • Non-profit welfare organizations
  • Local government service providers
  • Management consulting firms

SOURCE: Emsi Labor Analyst – Report. Emsi research company homepage at (Report accessed: 2022-02-17). DISCLAIMER: The data provided is for informational purposes only. Emsi data and analysis uses government sources to provide information on industries, demographics, employers, in-demand skills, and more to align university programs with labor market opportunities. Projections quoted may not reflect local or near-term economic or employment conditions and do not guarantee actual job growth. Current and future students should use this data along with other available economic data to inform their education decisions.

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