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For public sector companies under increasing pressure to evolve, grow and evolve based on new community expectations, the unified communications platform represents a powerful tool. Using UC technology, public sector organizations can align their team members like never before, minimize costs, and improve security and privacy standards, all at the same time.

Increasingly, public sector businesses in government, law enforcement, industry, and countless other landscapes are taking advantage of new forms of unified communications. With hybrid and cloud deployments, public sector groups can ensure their communications stack is ready for anything.

If you’re wondering if unified communications might be the right investment for your public sector business, here are some case studies that are sure to inspire you.

Tisbury and RingCentral Neighborhood Response

Launched during the chaos of the pandemic in 2020, the Tisbury Neighborhood Response was created from a group of volunteers in the UK. Residents of the small community recognized a growing need to support homebound villagers unable to access medical or food supplies during the pandemic. To support these people, the team needed a solid communication solution.

According to the group, they needed a way to manage, receive, and regularly process all the requests they received from users. RingCentral’s flexible telecommunications system has made it easier for the group to communicate internally and provide a central phone line as an official point of contact for users.

RingCentral has helped the Tisbury Neighborhood Response Group act as a crucial group of local heroes during a complex time. Read the full case study here.

Council of Milton Keynes and Mitel

Milton Keynes Council, one of the UK’s local government authorities, is responsible for providing a full range of services to over a quarter of a million people in the region. To provide this consistent level of service and support, the company needs not only an excellent customer service solution, but also a strong internal communication strategy.

Thanks to Mitel, Milton Keynes Council was able to take advantage of a powerful new telephony system that could integrate with their existing online platforms and services. The solution has enabled the board to take significant steps towards virtualizing its operations, while ensuring that telephony can be operated more efficiently across the organization.

The Milton Keynes council was even able to integrate its Mitel ecosystem with essential Microsoft tools. You can read more about the case study here.

NZTE and Zoom

New Zealand’s department of commerce and digital business operations struggled with limited digital processes before discovering new communication solutions with Zoom. Prior to the group’s digital transformation, legacy video conferencing tools took approximately 15 minutes to get up and running at the start of each meeting, causing significant friction in the user experience.

The public sector group was struggling to maintain productivity with its existing investment and felt an urgent need to upgrade to a new solution capable of serving 53 offices in 30 locations around the world. Fortunately, the move to Zoom has allowed the organization to take advantage of a new, more efficient way of communicating for its modern workforce.

Today, Zoom is NZTE’s go-to solution for keeping team members connected when face-to-face interaction is essential. Read the study here.

Scotland and Poly Records

Poly, formerly Plantronics and Polycom, helped Registers of Scotland in Glasgow transform their public sector approach to communications with access to a host of new hardware investments. The RoS (Registers of Scotland) team contacted Poly when they began their digitization process to meet new legal and government compliance requirements in recent years.

Using tools such as the Blackwire 520 and Voyager 5200 UC, RoS was able to take advantage of new, efficient and easy-to-use hardware pre-engineered to meet the needs of modern UC environments. For staff on the move and in hybrid environments, Wireless Freedom offers employees more flexibility and fast connections to a range of smartphone, tablet and PC environments.

According to the Poly and RoS case studyPoly provided the public sector group with a customizable way for team members to get the most out of their communication experiences.

Department of Seine-Saint-Denis and Avaya

The Seine-Saint Denis department in France is currently in the midst of a rapid process of digital transformation and growth. To enable teams to work together, both with external partners and remote employees, the department decided it needed to rely on the right communication and collaboration solution.

After testing a number of collaborative options, the Department found Avaya Spaces to be the solution that received the most positive feedback within the first month of use. The solution was adopted massively by more than 1000 users in just one month.

By facilitating collaboration through Avaya, the department of Seine-Saint-Denis was able to pave the way for rapid growth and innovation. Read the full case study here.

Tasman District Council and Microsoft

In a changing landscape where team members often work from varied environments, ensuring everyone has access to the right information is critical. For Tasman District Council, sharing information and encouraging cohesive collaboration started to become a problem in 2019, as many of the group’s processes were still largely paper-based.

Thanks to Microsoft and Information Leadership, Tasman District Council has developed a strategy to replace its existing infrastructure and design new digital solutions for success. The resulting solution was digital office records and information systems, aligned with essential Microsoft tools such as Microsoft Teams for collaboration.

Using a combination of Microsoft Power Platform, Teams and specialist services offered by Information Leadership, Tasman District Council was able to update outdated processes. Read the full case study here.

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