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Having a side business can be a great way to earn extra income. Whether you want extra money to pay off debt or save for a big expense, you want to make sure you pick a side hustle that matches your skills and interests. If you’re good at public speaking and enjoy communicating with others, these secondary agitations can be great options to explore:

1. Online teaching and tutoring

If you excel in a specific area, online teaching or tutoring may work well for you. Not all online teaching and tutoring opportunities require a teaching degree or teaching license. If you are a professional in your field and can explain things well, you can use your skills to teach others. You can do this independently or you can search for companies online that hire contractors for tutoring roles. You can bring in extra money and make a difference.

2. Independent Writing

Freelance writing is another great side job for people with good public speaking skills. If you know how to communicate your ideas, you can use your skills to earn money by writing content. Freelance writers create online articles, press releases, social media pitches and more. You won’t spend time with others or speak in public in this kind of role. Still, you can improve your writing skills, get creative, and help businesses and individuals communicate ideas while increasing your income.

3. Trivia Party Host

If you enjoy spending time with others, this side hustle may be perfect for you. It’s possible to have a side hustle as a quiz night host! Have you ever been to a busy bar or brasserie during a quiz night or bingo night? These events can be a fun activity to enjoy with friends. Each of these events has a host, or someone who leads the event and engages the crowd. This person could be you. You can approach bars, breweries, and restaurants on your own, or you can search for gigs on Craigslist or Facebook and apply that way.

4. Start a podcast

If you are passionate about a particular topic and want to share that passion with others, you can start a podcast. It’s a great way to make money from a hobby. Podcasts are becoming increasingly popular as people find ways to entertain themselves on the go. This kind of side hustle won’t make you money overnight and it may take time to build an audience, but it could be a fun way to learn more and share your knowledge with others.

5. Fitness Instructor

Are you good at public speaking but also enjoy fitness activities? Another side idea is to become a fitness instructor. Many gyms, fitness centers and community centers hire part-time instructors. If you’re already working full-time, this kind of side gig might fit in well as a side hustle in the early mornings, evenings, or weekends. You will be able to interact with other people, help them achieve their fitness goals and can also stay active in the process.

If you’re starting a side hustle in 2022, be sure to pick something you love. Choosing something you enjoy will help keep you motivated. If you’re still not sure what kind of part-time or gig job is right for you, here are some other side hustle ideas to inspire you:

You can reach your financial goals sooner by setting aside funds from your secondary earnings. Opening a savings account is a good plan, as it allows you to separate your savings from your pocket money, in addition to earning interest on your contributions. Do you need a savings account? These are the best savings accounts. For additional tips and advice, check out these personal finance resources.

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