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Rarely do millennials spend time developing their public speaking skills outside of structured schoolwork and mandatory career courses, but they should consider honing their skills in other ways.

According to Statistic Brain, 74% of people suffer from glossophobia or fear of speaking in public. This can contribute to the number of young adults who do not dedicate the time and effort necessary to develop the ability to present in front of a group of people. Beyond fear of public speaking, most millennials don’t have opportunities to develop their skills, as many careers use written communication as their primary medium.

Public speaking is a rare talent among millennials

Especially in a tech-dominated world where few people excel in the limelight, effective communication skills are paramount. The bottom line is that millennials started out at a disadvantage because of their upbringing. They’ve learned to communicate primarily through text, emoji, and social media, so it can sometimes be difficult for them to formally present in front of a group.

We already know that millennials generally prefer to communicate by text message, but there are many scenarios where a face-to-face or presentation in front of an audience is necessary. In these cases, millennials who develop their skills are more likely to excel and stand out. It can be in an interview, a presentation or a sales pitch.

“Millennials might not realize it, but many are speaking in public every day, albeit through platforms like Facebook Live and YouTube,” said Kristi Dosh, speaker and founder of Guide my brand, an advertising company. “While there are still many benefits to going on stage and speaking to an audience that you can shake hands with afterwards, public speaking as a skill is still an easy way to stand out from the crowd and to develop your personal brand. “

As Dosh mentions, developing public speaking skills no longer has to be done in the traditional way. In fact, millennials can develop their skills with just their phone. They have the ability to deliver a message, short or long, simple or complicated, with the push of a button on social media. Comments on their post come in many forms, but likes, comments, and shares are often indicators of how well the message has been received.

Public speaking skills give you a competitive business advantage

Whether you are an entrepreneur or work for a company, there are many areas where public speaking opportunities add value. As a Millennial Entrepreneur, not only would you be unique in the ability to perform well in front of a crowd, you might find it easier to raise capital, inspire teams, and win clients. with good speaking skills. Additionally, it can help an entrepreneur build and hone their brand.

“Public speaking remains one of the fastest and most effective ways to build your credibility,” Dosh explained. “Whether it’s attracting clients or impressing potential employers, public speaking is a personal branding technique that bridges the generational gap.

As a professional employed by a business, the ability to speak in front of an audience will put you in front of your peers for promotions and opportunities. A glance at most town hall presentations or at all the hands of directors or executives of a given company will show you that public speaking is still a rare skill.

Public speaking can advance your message

Improving public speaking skills can also help your online presence. It pays to speak face to face with a crowd, but often your reach and influence ends there. As you develop your self-confidence, you can exert your influence online by creating videos and live broadcasts.

“Learning how to effectively communicate your message will never go out of style,” Dosh said. “Today there are even more platforms for public speaking, so even if you don’t step onto a traditional stage, being able to deliver a message that engages an audience is still valuable. “

Many people find that even delivering their post as short clips on platforms such as YouTube, Facebook Live, Periscope, Instagram Stories, and Snapchat helps them develop an following and speeds up the delivery of their message when their audience likes, comments and shares their content.

Public speaking can add depth to your business or brand

Whether you are aware of it or not, you have a personal mark. It could be your business or your job in your particular industry. Either way, public speaking can deepen your reach within that brand or business. This only happens when you follow one of the main rules of public speaking, which is to get your message across about the needs and wants of your audience.

“Your speech should be about your audience,” said Lindsey Pollak, author of Becoming the Boss: New Rules for the Next Generation of Leaders. “This is great advice I got from my coach, Jane Atkinson. For example, when you are tempted to think about where your hands are gesturing or if someone will understand your jokes, consciously focus on having audience members hear your message and you are giving it to them. strong takeaways to implement. Instead of telling too many stories about your own experience, pre-interview or research your audience before your speech and share some of their anecdotes. If your energy is focused on your audience and how you are helping them, you can’t lose.

When you make sure your audience gets what they want and need from your content, they’re more likely to want more of you. This is where the reach of your business and brand expands as they follow you on social media and buy your products.

“Because so few people get over their fear of public speaking and take the time to develop their skills, those who do become speakers can easily stand out in a crowded market,” Dosh said. “Public speaking can be used to accomplish many goals: building your credibility, selling books, building your personal brand and attracting customers, to name a few. “

Whether you plan to develop your public speaking skills to stand out among a crowd, gain a competitive advantage in job or business search, deepen the impact of your business or your brand, or to advance your message, there are good reasons to spend time and effort become comfortable in front of a crowd.

Millennials are particularly unique in that public speaking is rare among young adults, so the ability to use it to your advantage is even greater.

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